JOHN HEATH, New Life's Executive Director, is responsible for the development, management and/or finance of over 1,300 affordable rental units and more than $500 million of completed real estate projects. Mr. Heath draws from a 27-year professional career that includes experience as an engineer, attorney, real estate developer and broker to lead New Life’s daily business operations and to help our clients and partners successfully formulate & execute effective real estate strategies.
SALLY HOXIE (CPO, HCCP, NCP) is New Life’s Compliance Director and oversees all of New Life’s affordable housing compliance policies, procedures and training. With 30+ years of professional experience working in various positions across the property management industry and owning and operating her own tax credit compliance consulting business, Ms. Hoxie is a nationally recognized expert in the affordable housing compliance industry and a valued member of New Life’s senior management team.
KYLE DUMAS is our Director of Property Administration and brings a wealth of expertise as a former educator, banking professional and technology expert to his position at New Life. Mr. Dumas manages New Life's staff and daily operations, and he is working toward achieving his compliance certification under our Compliance Director, Sally Hoxie.

SHEILA SAMPSON (NCP, HCCP, CPO) is our Compliance Manager and is the primary person responsible for reviewing & auditing files and ensuring that New Life and our clients receive excellent compliance services and pass all inspections and file audits.  With 23+ years of experience as a compliance professional and leasing agent for several other management companies, Ms. Sampson is a critical member of the New Life team.